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A parliamentary election was held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on 24 September 2011 to elect the half of the members of the 15th Chapter of the Federal National Council, and appoint the other half of the members.[1][2] The electoral college was expanding from roughly 6,000 members in 2006 to 129,274 in the planned elections, which were the second parliamentary elections held in the country.[3] Some observers were calling for a delay in the voting process to allow for more time for candidates to campaign for the position.[4] The government had stated that "the upcoming election is an important step in promoting political participation, as part of a gradual and clear approach of the UAE."[5] The turnout was 28%.[6]

Elections timetable[edit]

The following elections timetable has been taken from the UAE National Elections Commission website.[7]

Activity Period from Period to
Nominee Registration 14 August 2011 17 August 2011
Announcement of the preliminary list of nominees 20 August 2011
Announcement of the final list of nominees 28 August 2011
Campaigning period 4 September 2011 21 September 2011
Election Day 24 September 2011
Announcement of the preliminary results 24 September 2011
Announcement of the final results 28 September 2011

Electoral college[edit]

The 2011 parliamentary elections had an expanded electoral college constituting 129,274 members, made up of 46% females and 54% males, of which 35% were younger than 30 years.[8]


The National Elections Commission announced on 20 August 2011 the preliminary list of candidates, stating that 469 members of the electoral college nominated themselves to be candidates to run for the parliamentary elections. Of those 469 nominees, 85 were women.[9]

List of Candidates as announced on 20 August 2011
Emirate Number of Candidates Number of Female Candidates
Abu Dhabi 117 22
Dubai 124 26
Sharjah 94 16
Ras Al Khaimah 60 9
Ajman 34 5
Umm Al Quwain 19 4
Fujairah 21 3
Total 469 85

Campaign Rules[edit]

Rules for Candidates[edit]

The National Elections Committee set a list of campaigning rules that govern the 2011 elections:[10]

  • Candidates must adhere to the laws of their emirate.
  • Candidates must not disrespect values and principles of the society.
  • Candidates must not show disregard to public order and morals.
  • Candidates must not encourage any religious sentiment in their campaigns.
  • Candidates must not receive funds from foreign groups or individuals, and use a maximum of 2 million dirhams.[3]
  • Candidates must reveal their source of funding to their emirate's election committee.
  • Candidates must not give or promise to give monetary gifts in exchange for votes.
  • Candidates must not deceive voters.

According to the article,[10] any violation of the rules may result in the candidate losing the right to stand for elections and the right to vote and may be subject to paying a fine of 5,000 AED.

Rules for Voters[edit]

The National Elections Committee also set a list of rules that voters must stick to,[10] such as:

  • Voters must not interfere with the proper running of the elections.
  • Voters must not interfere with other voters' right to vote.
  • Voters must not promote any candidate at the polling stations.
  • Voters must not promise to vote for a candidate in return for a monetary gift or other benefit.
  • Voters must not try to influence other voters.


The following table are according to the official results as announced by the National Elections Commission:[11][12][13]

Name Votes Emirate
Salem Mohammad Hamad Al Ameri 2815 Abu Dhabi
Mohammad Musallam Salem Al Ameri 2380
Mohammad Butti Salem Mousa Al Qubaisi 1199
Ahmad Mohammad Suhail Al Ameri 1153
Hamad Ahmad Al Rahoumi 1327 Dubai
Marwan Ahmad Bin Ghulaita 1195
Ahmad Abdulmalik Ahli 1164
Rashad Mohammad Bukhash 1077
Salem Mohammad Bin Howayden 805 Sharjah
Ahmad Mohammad Al Jarwan 766
Musabbah Saeed Al Ketbi 652
Ahmed Abdullah Al Amash 1449 Ras al-Khaimah
Saeed Nasser Al Khateri 957
Faisal Abdullah Juma Al Tunaiji 717
Sultan Juma Ali Al Shamsi 296 Ajman
Abdullah Hamad Rashid Al Shamsi 287
Ghareeb Ahmad Ghareeb Al Suraidi 436 Fujairah
Sultan Saif Al Yamahi 396
Sheikha Isa Ghanem Al Ari 536 Umm al-Quwain
Obeid Hassan Humaid Bin Rakad Al Alili 332
Voter Turnout Statistics[12][14]
Emirate Voter numbers
Abu Dhabi 10,109
Dubai 9,268
Sharjah 5,890
Ras Al Khaimah 5,085
Umm Al Quwain 1,796
Ajman 1,562
Fujairah 2,167
Total Participating Voters 35,877
Total Registered Voters 129,274
Percentage Voter Turnout 27.75%

The appointed members announced are:[15]

  1. Noura Mohammad Hilal Al Kaabi
  2. Sultan Rashid Saeed Al Daheri
  3. Khalifa Nasser Al Suwaidi
  4. Dr Amal Al Qubaisi
  1. Afra Rashid Al Basti
  2. Dr Mona Juma Al Bahar
  3. Mohammad Ahmad Al Murr, elected uncontested as Speaker of Federal National Council.
  4. Ahmad Obaid Al Mansouri
  1. Shaikha Ali Salem Al Owais
  2. Ahmad Ali Mftah Al Za'abi
  3. Ya'aqoub Ali Saeed Khalaf Al Naqbi
  1. Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Za'abi
  2. Rashid Mohammad Al Shuraiqi
  3. Abdul Rahim Al Shaheen
  1. Ahmad Mohammad Rahmeh Al Shamsi
  2. Ali Eisa Al Nuaimi
  1. Mohammad Saeed Mohammad Al Raqabani
  2. Aisha Ahmad Mohammad Al Yamahi
  1. Ali Jasem Ahmad
  2. Humaid Mohammad Ali

Upon the opening of the 15th Chapter of the Federal National Council, the appointed member Mohammed Al Murr was elected uncontested as Speaker of the Federal National Council.


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