United Blood Nation

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United Blood Nation
Founding location San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, California[1]
Years active 1978–present[2]
Ethnicity Primarily African- American
Membership 15,000+ [3]

United Blood Nation, simply known as U.B.N is a prison gang formed in 1978 within the California prison system in San Quentin State Prison, California.[4] The gang was formed to unite Bloods within the California prison system, to be protected against rival Crips and MS-13.[5]

Members of this gang are known for burning three circles in a triangular shape on their upper right arm or right hand to show affiliation to it. Some members would tattoo a bulldog's face on their right hand, letters M.O.B to identify themselves from outsiders also.

In 2012, the gang was estimated to have approximately 15,000 members across the United States.[6]


The Nine Trey Gangsters gang has been described as a set (affiliate) of United Blood Nation, and (as of May 2014), "the first unified Blood gang alliance on the East Coast".[7]

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