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The United Dance Organization (UDO) was founded in 2002, and is Europe's largest street dance organization, with over 35,000 members across five continents.[1] They are based in Cardiff, Wales. Simon Dibley is the founder and CEO.


The UDO are also an events management company and host over 20 dance-related events annually.[1] The UDO founded the UDO World Street Dance Championships, The UDO National Schools Championships, The UDO Street Dance Syllabus, The UDO European Street Dance Championships, The UDO British Street Dance Championships, and various qualifying events.[2][3] The UDO World Street Dance Championships are the UK's biggest street dance championships, with over 6,000 visitors. In 2013, the Championships will be held in Glasgow's SECC Arena for the first time.[4]


UDO ambassadors include Turbo (Got To Dance), Ashley Banjo (Diversity), Mitchell Craske (Diversity), Perri Kiely (Diversity), Jordan Banjo (Diversity), Sisco Gomez and George Sampson (Britain's Got Talent).[5]

International affiliates[edit]

The UDO have international affiliates in;[2]


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