United Democratic Party (Meghalaya)

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United Democratic Party
Leader E. K. Mawlong
Secretary-General H.A.D. Sawian
Headquarters Mawlai Nonglum, Shillong-793008 Meghalaya.[1]
ECI Status State Party[2]
Seats in the Legislative Assembly
8 / 60
(Meghalaya Legislative Assembly)
Election symbol
Indian Election Symbol Drums.png
Politics of India
Political parties

The United Democratic Party is a political party recognised in Meghalaya state, India. It is now led by Donkupar Roy. It was started by E. K. Mawlong.

The Flag of the party shall be of three vertical colours with scarlet red colour at the extreme left nearest to the flag post, parrot green colour at the extreme right and white colour at the middle signifying respectively courage, valour and sacrifice (Scarlet Red), sincerity, honesty, integrity (White) and hope, hard work, survival (Green).[1]


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