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The United Engineers and Constructors have worked on several nuclear power plants. Their job is to maintain the safety of the citizens and residents alike.Some of the power plants that they have worked on are Brunswick 1, Brunswick 2, Dresden 2, Dresden 3, Indian Point 2, Indian Point 3, Quad Cities 1, Quad Cities 2, Salem 1, Salem 2, Seabrook, Three Mile Island 1, WNP 1, Seabrook 1 & 2, GRDA 1 (fossil), Holcomb 1 (fossil).[1][2]

UE&C has since been absorbed by Raytheon Engineers, followed by The Washington Group International, and finally is now part of URS after the URS acquisition of Washington Group in 2008.

It is different from the similarly named UAE construction company "United Engineering Construction" [3]


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