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United Fighting Arts Federation
Abbreviation UFAF
Formation 1979
Type Sports Federation
Purpose Governing, Regulatory
Headquarters Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada
  • United States United States
Region served
Chun Kuk Do Black Belts
Official language
Chairman of the Board
Chuck Norris
Website www.ufaf.org

The United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF) is a martial arts organization founded by Chuck Norris in 1979.[1] UFAF is the governing and sanctioning body for the Chuck Norris System, a martial art Norris developed from the Tang Soo Do, and which was known as the Chuck Norris System in the early to mid 1980s and as Chun Kuk Do from December 1990 until July 2015. UFAF provides technical standards for instruction and advancement in the system, and also provides its students, instructors, and schools with Chuck Norris System rank certification, educational opportunities, special events, online community access, and other services.

Organizational structure[edit]

Like many organizations, UFAF includes an executive board and a board of directors.


  • Chuck Norris, 10th degree black belt – Founder, Chairman of the Board
  • Aaron Norris, 9th degree black belt – Chief executive officer

Board of Directors

  • Chip Wright, 9th degree black belt
  • Rick Prieto, 9th degree black belt

  • Steve Nelson, 8th degree black belt

UFAF is also further divided into several regions across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. International locations and members are also included among the following regions:

  • Region 1 – Southern California USA
  • Region 2 – Great Basin USA (Including satellites in Colorado, Nebraska, and Norway)
  • Region 3 – Northwest USA
  • Region 4 – Texas USA, excluding KICKSTART KIDS schools (see Region 13)
  • Region 5 – Southwest USA
  • Region 6 – Appalachia West USA (Schools in Western West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky)
  • Region 7 – Southeast USA
  • Region 8 – Northeast USA
  • Region 9 – Mexico Baja (Including satellites in South America)
  • Region 10 – Northern Mexico
  • Region 11 – Appalachia East USA (Schools in Eastern West Virginia, Virginia)
  • Region 12 – Mexico City area
  • Region 13 – Texas KICKSTART (KICKSTART KIDS Schools in Texas)


Each summer the United Fighting Arts Federation holds a training conference and Chuck Norris System world championship tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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