United Front of Principlists

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United Front of Principlists
جبههٔ متحد اصولگرایان
Leader Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani (2012)[1]
Spokesperson Ali Akbar Velayati[2]
Executive Secretary Shahab od-Din Sadr (2008)[3]
Manouchehr Mottaki (2012)[2]
Head of Election Campaign Alireza Zakani (2012)[2]
Speaker of the Parliament Ali Larijani
Founded 2008
Dissolved c. 2015
Merger of Principlists Pervasive Coalition
Split from Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran
Succeeded by
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
National affiliation Principlists
  • Persian: پروا مکن، بشتاب همت چاره‌ساز است‎‎ "Don't Prudence, Hurry, Effort is Remedial" (2008)[3]
  • Persian: بصیرت و وحدت در سایه ولایت‎‎ "Basirah and Unity Under Wilayat" (2012)[2]
2008 Member Alliances[1]
2012 Member Alliances[1]
8th Parliament
137 / 290 (47%)
9th Parliament
133 / 290 (46%)

United Front of Principlists (Persian: جبههٔ متحد اصولگرایان‎‎, Jabhah-e Muttahid-e Uṣūlgarāyān) was an Iranian principlist political coalition that contested the 2008 and 2012 legislative elections.

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Preceded by
United Front of Principlists
Principlists Pervasive Coalition
Principlists parliamentary coalition
Succeeded by
Principlists Grand Coalition
Preceded by
Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran
Principlists parliamentary coalition
With: Principlists Pervasive Coalition
Succeeded by
United Front of Principlists