United Furniture Warehouse

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United Furniture Warehouse
Industry Retail
Founded 1981
Founder John Volken
Headquarters Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Products Home furnishing
Owner Leon's
Parent The Brick (2004–present)
Website http://www.ufw.com

United Furniture Warehouse (UFW) is a Canadian retail furniture chain operating approximately twelve (12) locations in Western Canada and Ontario. The Company bills itself as "offering warehouse-style shopping at the lowest possible prices."[1] The Company was founded in 1981 by John Volken, an immigrant who arrived in Canada from East Germany in 1960 at the age of 18.[2] It "was one of the first businesses to sell at warehouse prices and to operate without commission sales staff or in-store decor."[3]

In 2001, the company had sales of $210 million Canadian (approx. US$135m). By 2003, the company had expanded to over 150 stores including 39 stores in the northwestern United States. With stores in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Utah, it was "one of the most widespread retail furniture chains in North America" and "one of Canada's most successful stateside retailers". However, in early 2003 they were forced to close all but 5 of their stores in the United States.[2] By early 2004, the company had completely exited the U.S. market.

As of March 2004, the company had reduced its size to 81 stores[4] and was acquired by another national furniture retailer, The Brick. In 2006, The Brick rebranded 24 of these under their own name in an attempt to save on advertising costs and increase sales, which had fallen 10.8% in the third quarter of 2005 for established UFW stores.[5]

As of February 2010, the company had reduced its size to 36 stores across Canada - 15 in Ontario, 10 in Alberta, 5 in British Columbia, 3 in each of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Some time later, they re-entered the U.S. market with stores in Bellingham and Mount Vernon in Washington. Those two stores have since closed.

As of January 2014, there are 24 United Furniture Warehouse stores across Canada - 8 in each of Alberta and Ontario, 2 in British Columbia, and 3 in each of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.[6] .

As of March 2017, the amount of stores has decreased to 12. All UFW stores have been re-branded as UFW/The Brick Clearance Centre. Stores have a mixture of new items on display, as well as clearance items.


United Furniture Warehouse has a well-known musical cue at the end of its broadcast ads, including the phrase "United Furniture Warehouse" sung in bass, followed closely by a "bump bump!" sound effect — a pair of orchestral hits that are simultaneous to the flashing of the company's logo on the screen. In one of its commercials, they poked fun at this fact, with an employee singing the jingle and a group of children pointing out, "You forgot the bump bump!" One commentator wrote the jingle was "maddeningly catchy".[2] American actor Steve Landesberg was prominently featured in many of the company's television commercials during the 1990s.


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