United Grain Growers

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United Grain Growers
Industry Agriculture
Fate Merged with Agricore
Successor Agricore United
Founded 1917
Defunct 2001
Headquarters Winnipeg, Manitoba
Products Grain buying

The United Grain Growers, or UGG, was a Canadian grain farmers' cooperative for grain storage and distribution that operated between 1917 and 2001.


In 1917 the Grain Growers' Grain Company (GGGC) merged with the Alberta Farmers' Co-operative Elevator Company, founded in 1913, to form the United Grain Growers (UGG), which provided grain marketing, handling and supply.[1] UGG was active in grain sales, crop inputs and livestock production services. In 2001 UGG merged with Agricore to form Agricore United in a deal brokered by Archer Daniels Midland, a majority stakeholder in the new company.[2]

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