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The United Hospitals Athletics Club is a historic athletics club that used to host the annual United Hospitals athletics competition. Since the disbanding of the club, London Universities and Colleges Athletics has organised the competition within the LUCA Indoor Championships. The competition has been held since 1867.


The club was formed on May 31, 1867 at the West Brompton running grounds.[1] The club was set up by Mr. S. Edwin Jolly who held the position of treasurer during the early years of the club.[2] The events held on June 11 and 12 1869 at Beaufort House included; Flat Race 100 yards, Flat Race 250 yards, Flat Race 880 yards, Flat Race One Mile, Flat Race 2 miles, Hurdle Race 120 yards, Hurdle Race 440 yards, High Jump, Long Jump, Throwing the Hammer, Throwing the Cricket Ball, Putting the Stone, Three Legged Race and Consolation Race 250 yards.[3] King's, Guy's, London, St Thomas's, University College, St George's and St Mary's Medical Schools took part.[4] For the fourth annual meeting in 1870 the event had to be moved to cater for a crowd of over 3000 spectators to the A.A.C Grounds, Lillie Bridge with 127 entries across all the different races.[5] The first presidents of the club were highly esteemed physicians and surgeons, Sir William Fergusson 1867, Sir Thomas Watson 1868 and Sir William Jenner 1869.[6] The club required a physician and surgeon from each participating hospital to serve as vice-presidents of the club, this secured funding for the various prizes and ensured its continuation from year to year.[7] By the end of the 19th century the club held events at Stamford Bridge [8]

United Hospitals Athletics Shield[edit]

The shield is given to the medical school with the largest number of points at the end of the annual event. The shield has been awarded since 1867. The current holders of the shield are GKT (King's College London). Medals were also awarded to winning competitors, but are no longer handed out.

A winning competitor's medal from the 1890s

Present state[edit]

The status and quality of the individual medical schools teams has varied considerably since their individual inception dates. Since the United Hospitals Athletics Club was formed, the institutions that are represented by the member teams have been through considerable change, and hand-in-hand with these changes in the institutions have been changes in the teams that represent them. Thus all of the teams except St Georges are formed of more than one of the historical London medical schools. Furthermore, after being proposed for membership in 2008,[9] The Royal Veterinary College officially joined the United Hospitals in 2009.

The club no longer exists as a functioning athletics club, but the shield is still awarded at the United Hospitals Athletics Championships. This event has been incorporated into the LUCA Indoor Championships and is awarded by LUCA.


Charing Cross Hospital Medical School
Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School
Imperial College School of Medicine
Westminster Hospital Medical School
St Mary's Hospital Medical School
Royal Postgraduate Medical School
St George's, University of London
St Thomas's Hospital Medical School
United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals
King's College London School of Medicine and Dentistry
Guy's Hospital Medical School
King's College Medical School
Middlesex Hospital Medical School
University College & Middlesex School of Medicine
The Royal Free & University College Medical School
UCL Medical School
University College Hospital Medical School
Royal Free Hospital Medical School
St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry
The London Hospital Medical College
Royal Veterinary College

Shield winners[edit]

1867 - ?

1868 - St Georges

1869 - ?

1870 - Kings College

1952 - London Hospital Athletic Club

2004 - ICSM

2005 - St Georges

2006 - ICSM

2007 - ICSM

2008 - ICSM

2009 - ICSM

2010 - ICSM

2011 - ICSM

2012 - ICSM

2013 - ICSM

2014 - ICSM

2015 - ICSM

2016 - GKT (King's College)

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