United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation

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United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC)
State corporation
Industry electronics industry
Successor Ruselectronics
Founded 2014
Defunct 2017
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Production output
Means and systems of automated digital communication; automated control systems; systems and means of electronic warfare; robotic systems and unmanned aerial vehicles; software; data security, etc.
101.6 billion rubles (the Total revenue of the Corporation of enterprises)
Number of employees
Parent Rostec
Website http://www.eng.opkrt.ru/

United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (Russian: Объединённая приборостроительная корпорация) or UIMC was a Russian state-owned company, which was founded in March 2014 within State Corporation Rostec as a specialized management company uniting research and production enterprises of radioelectronic industry of Russia. Rostec owns 9.3% of the shares.[1][2][3] The company merged with Ruselectronics in February 2017.[4]

They manufactured Sozvezdie's electronic warfare weapon system Borisoglebsk 2. Several products are for civilian or dual-purpose use. The corporation comprised 40 companies from scratch,[2] and this number increased to above 60. These 60 companies have a total of 43,000 employees.[1][2][5]

The UIMC board included 7 members of which Grigory Elkin was interim CEO in July 2017.[6]


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