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United Jewish Cemetery is a Reform Jewish cemetery, located at 3400 Montgomery Road in the Evanston neighborhood, in Cincinnati, Ohio. The cemetery was opened by members of Bene Israel and B'nai Jeshurum congregations in 1862. The first burial was Issac Fredrick on February 18, 1850, when ground was first consecrated.

United Jewish Cemetery contains Cincinnati's Jewish Civil War Memorial. It is also the site of the grave of David Urbansky, a Civil War hero who was the first Jew to be awarded a Medal of Honor.

Over the years, as the two congregations opened or acquired (through merger) other cemeteries, UJC grew to six graveyards. In 2008, UJC became a part of Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. (www.jcemcin.org), which merged almost all of the area's 26 Jewish cemeteries into a single organization.

Also note United Jewish Cemeteries in Cleveland Ohio, whose main cemetery (Mayfield Cemetery) is located on Mayfield Road in Cleveland Heights.


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