United Kingdom general election, 1832–33 (Ireland)

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United Kingdom general election, 1832–33 (Ireland)
← 1831 8 December 1832 – 8 January 1833 (1832-12-08 – 1833-01-08) 1835 →

103 of the 658 seats to the House of Commons

  First party Second party Third party
  Daniel O'Connell.png Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey by Sir Thomas Lawrence copy.jpg Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington by John Jackson cropped.jpg
Leader Daniel O'Connell Earl Grey Duke of Wellington
Party Irish Repeal Whig Tory
Leader since 22 November 1830 22 January 1828
Leader's seat Dublin City House of Lords House of Lords
Seats won 42 33 28
Popular vote 31,773 29,013 28,030
Percentage 34.6% 33.3% 32.1%

United Kingdom general election 1832 in Ireland.svg
Results of the 1832 election in Ireland

The 1832–33 United Kingdom general election in Ireland saw the emergence of the Repeal Association as a major political movement in Ireland. The Association, led by Daniel O'Connell, aimed to repeal the 1800 Acts of Union and restore Ireland to the status enjoyed under Grattan's Parliament, although this time with Catholic emancipation.

This was the first election following the Irish Reform Act 1832, which introduced wide-ranging electoral reforms.


Table does not include the two MPs returned by the University of Dublin.

Party Seats Seats change Votes % % Change
Irish Repeal 42 Increase42 31,773 34.6
Whig 33 Decrease32 29,013 33.3
Tory 28 Decrease6 28,030 32.1
Total 103 Increase4 88,816 100

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