United Kingdom general election, 1874 (Ireland)

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Irish (UK) general election, 1874
(part of United Kingdom general election, 1874)
United Kingdom
← 1868 31 January–17 February 1874 1880 →

101 of the 652 seats to the House of Commons
  First party Second party Third party
  IsaacButt.gif Disraeli.jpg Gladstone.jpg
Leader Isaac Butt Benjamin Disraeli William Ewart Gladstone
Party Home Rule Conservative Liberal
Leader since 1873 27 February 1868 3 December 1868
Leader's seat Limerick Buckinghamshire Greenwich
Last election New 37 66
Seats won 60 31 10
Seat change Increase60 Decrease6 Decrease56
Popular vote 90,234 91,702 39,778
Percentage 39.6% 40.8 18.4%
Swing Increase39.6% Decrease1.1% Decrease39.5%

United Kingdom general election 1874 in Ireland.svg
Results of the 1874 election in Ireland.

The 1874 British general election in Ireland produced the first major electoral appearance of the Home Rule League under chairman Isaac Butt. The party's electoral success, in which it won 60 MPs, taking control of Irish electoral politics from the previously dominant Conservative and the Liberal parties was the beginning of a dominance that was to see the party as the Irish Parliamentary Party control the political landscape in Ireland until its wipeout in the 1918 general election in Ireland.

However its success in 1874 was marred by the lack of unity within the party in the British House of Commons, where many of its members in effect sat as Liberal MPs and voted against their own Irish colleagues. It was not until then chairman Charles Stewart Parnell in the early 1880s introduced a strict whip that the party began to exercise serious influence, and act as a unit, in Westminster.


Party Seats Seats change Votes  %  % Change
  Home Rule 60 New 90,234 39.6 Increase39.6%
  Irish Conservative Party 31 Decrease6 91,702 40.8 Decrease1.1%
  Liberal 10 Decrease56 39,778 18.4 Decrease39.5%
  Other (Incl. the Catholic Union) 0 - 2,934 1.2 Increase1.0%
Total 101 Decrease2 224,648 100