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Over the years of trams and tramways, there have been many designs of tramcars for use on the tramways, ranging from historical locomotives pulling wagons, to some of the preserved cars such as the Pantograph, Coronation, Balloon or Standard cars at the National Tramway Museum or at the Blackpool tramway. During the nineties and early noughties there was a renaissance in UK tramways with several new networks opening and expanding leading to a second generation of modern tramcars such as Bombardier's INCENTRO and the Ansaldobreda S.P.A. T-68s and T-69 as well as Sheffield's Supertram. At the start of a new decade another generation of new tramcars are on order or entering service such as the Flexity Swifts in Manchester, Flexity 2's in Blackpool, customised units manufactured by CAF for Edinburgh and a replacement class for the short lived and troubled T-69 of the Midland Metro.

Modern Tramcar Stock[edit]

Blackpool Tramway[edit]

  1. Flexity 2 (Blackpool) Flexity 2

Edinburgh Tramway[edit]

  1. Edinburgh Tram manufactured by CAF

Manchester Metrolink[edit]

  1. T-68
  2. M5000 Flexity Swift (High-Floor)

Midland Metro[edit]

  1. T-69
  2. Unknown new class to replace troubled T-69

Nottingham Express Transit[edit]

  1. Incentro

Sheffield Supertram[edit]

  1. Siemens-Duewag Supertram


  1. CR4000 Flexity Swift (Low-Floor)

Preserved Tramcar Stock[edit]

Blackpool Tramway[edit]

  1. Coronation

National Tramway Museum[edit]

  1. Pantograph
  2. Toastrack