United Liberal Democrats

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United Liberal Democrats
Hangul 자유민주연합
Hanja 自由民主聯合
Revised Romanization Jayu Minju Yeonhap
McCune–Reischauer Chayu Minju Yŏnhap

The United Liberal Democrats(Korean: 자유민주연합) was a right-wing[1][2] conservative[3] political party in South Korea, whose support mostly came from Chungcheong region. The short Korean name is Jamin-ryeon (Korean: 자민련; ULD). In the 2004 parliamentary election, it gained only 4 seats in the National Assembly, and its president Kim Jong-pil announced his retirement from politics after his bid for the 10th term in the National Assembly failed. Subsequently, most lawmakers from the party chose to defect from the party to form a new party, People First Party. Kim Hak-won, the only remaining lawmaker of the party who was also the president of the party then, announced the merger of the party with the main opposition Grand National Party on February 20, 2006.


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