United Nationalities Federal Council

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United Nationalities Federal Council

ChairmanNai Hong Sar (since 2017)[1]
N'Ban La (2011–2016)
Founded16 February 2011 (2011-02-16)
Preceded byEthnic Nationalities Council
HeadquartersChiang Mai, Thailand
Armed wingFederal Union Army
Ethnic minority rights
Member parties
Party flag
Flag of the United Nationalities Federal Council.svg
Official website

The United Nationalities Federal Council (Burmese: ညီညွတ်သောတိုင်းရင်းသားလူမျိုးများဖက်ဒရယ်ကောင်စီ; abbreviated UNFC) is a coalition of five opposition groups in Myanmar. In 2011, the council was formed by 11 opposition groups that campaigns for the rights of various ethnic minorities in Myanmar. Six of the UNFC's members have successfully made or are in the process of making peace negotiations and permanent ceasefire agreements with the government. The group's armed wing is the Federal Union Army (FUA).[1][2]


The UNFC currently has five members.

Ceasefire members[edit]

Non-ceasefire members[edit]


  • Chief: Nai Hong Sar (NMSP)
  • Vice-chief: Naing Han Tha (NMSP)
  • Secretary: Khu Oo Yel (KNPP)
  • Co-secretary: U Tun Zaw (ANC)


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