United Nations Security Council Resolution 143

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UN Security Council
Resolution 143
DateJuly 14, 1960
Meeting no.873
CodeS/4387 (Document)
SubjectThe Congo Question
Voting summary
8 voted for
None voted against
3 abstained
Security Council composition
Permanent members
Non-permanent members

United Nations Security Council Resolution 143 was adopted on July 14, 1960. After a report by the Secretary-General, acting under Article 99 of the Charter[1] and a request for military assistance by the President and Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo (Leopoldville) to protect its territory, the Council called upon Belgium to withdraw its troops from the territory and authorized the Secretary-General to take the necessary steps to provide the Government with such military assistance that the national security forces may be able to meet fully their tasks. The Council asked the Secretary General to report to the Security Council as appropriate.

The resolution was adopted with eight votes to none; France, the Republic of China, and the United Kingdom abstained.

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