United Nations Security Council Resolution 252

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UN Security Council
Resolution 252
DateMay 21 1968
Meeting no.1426
CodeS/RES/252 (Document)
SubjectThe Situation in the Middle East
Voting summary
  • 13 voted for
  • None voted against
  • 2 abstained
Security Council composition
Permanent members
Non-permanent members

United Nations Security Council Resolution 252, adopted on 21 May 1968, after a letter from the Permanent Representative of Jordan, hearing statements from Israel and Jordan, and the actions Israel had taken against General Assembly resolutions taken on the matter, the Council reaffirmed that the acquisition of territory by military conquest is inadmissible and deplored the failure of Israel to comply with the General Assembly resolutions. The Council considered all legislative and administrative measure and action which tend to change the legal status of Jerusalem are invalid and cannot change that status and urgently called upon Israel to rescind all such measures already taken and to desist forthwith from taking any further action which tends to change the status of Jerusalem.

The resolution passed with 13 votes to none; Canada and the United States abstained.

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