United Nations Security Council Resolution 380

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UN Security Council
Resolution 380
Western Sahara
Date 6 November 1975
Meeting no. 1,854
Code S/RES/380 (Document)
Subject Western Sahara
Result Adopted
Security Council composition
Permanent members
Non-permanent members

United Nations Security Council Resolution 380, adopted on November 6, 1975, gravely noted that the situation in Western Sahara had seriously deteriorated. The Council regretfully noted that despite resolution 377, resolution 379 and an appeal by the President of the Security Council to the King of Morocco Hassan II, the March still took place.

The Resolution goes on to deplore the holding of the March and to call on Morocco to immediately withdraw all the participants in the march from Western Sahara. The Council ends by calling upon Morocco and all other parties concerned to cooperate fully with the Secretary-General and to fulfill the mandate entrusted to him in resolutions 377 and 379.

No details of the vote by members of the Council were given, other than that it was "adopted by consensus".

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