United Nations Security Council Resolution 447

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UN Security Council
Resolution 447
South Africa Border War Map.png
South African border operations
Date 28 March 1979
Meeting no. 2,139
Code S/RES/447 (Document)
Subject Angola-South Africa
Voting summary
12 voted for
None voted against
3 abstained
Result Adopted
Security Council composition
Permanent members
Non-permanent members

United Nations Security Council resolution 447, adopted on 28 March 1979, after hearing representations from the People's Republic of Angola and the South West Africa People's Organisation (SWAPO), the Council recalled resolutions 387 (1976) and 428 (1978) and condemned South Africa for its continuing raids in direct violation of prior resolutions.

Resolution 447 went on to condemn the suppression of the Namibian people by South Africa, apartheid and the militarisation of South West Africa (Namibia). The Council demanded South Africa respect the territorial integrity of these states, and commended Angola and other front-line states for their support of the Namibian people, asking other states to provide assistance to them.

The resolution ended with a request to the Secretary-General to submit a report by 30 April 1979 on the situation.

The Council adopted Resolution 447 by 12 votes to none; France, the United Kingdom and United States abstained.

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