United Nations Security Council Resolution 554

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UN Security Council
Resolution 554
Apartheid-era sign
Date 17 August 1984
Meeting no. 2,551
Code S/RES/554 (Document)
Subject South Africa
Voting summary
13 voted for
None voted against
2 abstained
Result Adopted
Security Council composition
Permanent members
Non-permanent members

United Nations Security Council resolution 554, adopted on 17 August 1984, after recalling 473 (1980), the Council condemned the 1984 general election in South Africa and the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act (110 of 1983).

The Council stated that the constitution was against the United Nations Charter and declared the elections and constitution both null and void as it would further entrench minority rule in the country. The resolution also urged Member States and international organisations not to accord recognition to the elections, stating that the total eradication of apartheid and the establishment of democracy in South Africa would lead to a just and lasting solution to the "explosive situation" in the country.

The resolution, which required the Secretary-General to monitor its implementation, was approved by 13 votes to none against, while the United Kingdom and United States abstained from voting.

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