United Ossetia

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United Ossetia

Единая Осетия
LeaderAnatoliy Bibilov
Founded5 September 2012 (2012-09-05)
Split fromUnity Party
20 / 34

United Ossetia (Russian: Единая Осетия, Ossetian: Иугонд Ир) is a political party in South Ossetia. In the 2014 elections, the party held a majority in the Parliament of South Ossetia, holding 20 of the 34 seats. The party is led by Anatoliy Bibilov, a former member of the Unity Party and the current President of South Ossetia since his victory in the 2017 elections.

In 2018, representatives of United Ossetia signed a cooperation agreement with the Bosnian Serb ruling party Alliance of Independent Social Democrats.[1]

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