United People's Party (Poland)

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United People's Party
Zjednoczone Stronnictwo Ludowe
First leaderJózef Niećko
Last leaderDominik Ludwiczak
Founded27 November 1949
Dissolved27–29 November 1989
Merger ofPolish People's Party
Polish People's Party "Nowe Wyzwolenie"
People's Party
Succeeded byPolish People's Party
HeadquartersGrzybowska 4,
00-131 Warsaw
Membership (1989)300,000
IdeologyAgrarian socialism
Political positionLeft-wing

The United People's Party (Polish: Zjednoczone Stronnictwo Ludowe, ZSL) was an agrarian socialist political party in the People's Republic of Poland. It was formed on 27 November 1949 from the merger of the pro-Communist Stronnictwo Ludowe party with remnants of the independent Polish People's Party of Stanisław Mikołajczyk.

ZSL became – as intended from its beginning – a satellite party of the Polish United Workers' Party (PZPR), representing the PZPR in the rural areas. It was a member of the Front of National Unity until 1982, and from 1982 was a member of the Front's successor, the Patriotic Movement for National Rebirth. To keep up the appearance that Poland was ruled by a coalition, the Marshal of the Sejm (parliamentary speaker) was always a member of the ZSL.

In 1989 after victory of the Solidarity trade union in the 1989 Polish legislative elections together with the PZPR's other satellite party, the Alliance of Democrats, ZSL decided to support Solidarity. At the 27–29 November 1989 ZSL congress, ZSL became the Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe - Odrodzenie ("Polish People's Party - Rebirth"). PSL-Odrodzenie merged with Polish People's Party "Wilanowskie", forming today's Polish People's Party.


Electoral history[edit]

Sejm elections[edit]

Election Party leader Votes % Seats +/– Position
1952 Józef Niećko as part of FJN - PZPR
90 / 425
Increase 90 Increase 2nd
1957 Stefan Ignar
118 / 459
Increase 28 Steady 2nd
117 / 460
Decrease 1 Steady 2nd
1965 Czesław Wycech
117 / 460
Steady Steady 2nd
117 / 460
Steady Steady 2nd
1972 Stanisław Gucwa
117 / 460
Steady Steady 2nd
113 / 460
Decrease 4 Steady 2nd
113 / 460
Steady Steady 2nd
1985 Roman Malinowski as part of PRON
106 / 460
Decrease 7 Steady 2nd
76 / 460
Decrease 41 Decrease 3rd


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