United Peoples' Democratic Party

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This article is about a political party. For UDub, see University of Washington.
United Peoples' Democratic Party
Founder Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal
Founded July 2001
Dissolved 2010-11
Headquarters Hargeisa
Political position Centre to Centre-left
Parliament of Somaliland
33 / 82
Party flag
Smd udub.PNG

The United Peoples' Democratic Party (Somali: Ururka Dimuqraadiga Ummadda Bahawday, UDUB) was one of the three political parties in the northwestern Somaliland region of Somalia. It was founded by president Egal in July 2001 in the preparation of the elections, which were originally scheduled for December 2001, but then postponed.[1] It dissolved in 2010-11 with its members joining other political parties. Two of Somaliland's first 3 presidents were from this party.


At the presidential elections, April 14, 2003, its candidate Dahir Riyale Kahin won 42.1% of the popular vote and was elected.

According to the final results of the 2005 parliamentary election, UDUB won 39.0% of the vote and 33 out of 82 seats, while the two opposition parties UCID and Kulmiye, won the rest of the seats.

History of leaders[edit]

Picture Name Term
Date of birth Date of death Notes
Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal
محمد الحاج ابراهيم عقال
May 16, 1993 May 3, 2002 August 15, 1928 May 3, 2002 President of Somaliland
May 16, 1993 - May 3, 2002
Died in office
Dahir Riyale Kahin
ضاهر ريالي كاهن
3 May 2002 27 July 2010 12 March 1952 President of Somaliland
May 3, 2002 - 27 July 2010
Vice President of Somaliland
May 16, 1993 - May 3, 2002

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