United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

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United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan
United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan Logo.jpg
AbbreviationUP (Pakistan)
OrientationMainline Reformed
ModeratorThe Reverend Javed Akhtar
AssociationsWorld Reformed Fellowship
Gujranwala , Pakistan
CongregationsMore than 200 as of 2018
Official websitewww.facebook.com/TheUnitedPresbyterianChurchOfPakistan

United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan is a Protestant church located in Gujranwala, Pakistan. As part of the Society of Biblical Christian Churches of Pakistan, the United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan shares Faith Theological Seminary with the Anglican Orthodox Church.[1] Established in 1855, it has a long history. It belongs to the World Reformed Fellowship.[2]

Policy & Statistics[edit]

Sound in Faith, Its Emphasis is on the Holy Bible, The Inspired, Inerrant, Infallible and Revealed WORD of GOD. One of the oldest Churches in the Sub-Continent. Membership is estimated at approximately 250,000. Including 100 pastors, 100 evangelists, 500 elders and 150 church buildings. The session is the basic unit with teaching elders, ruling elders and deacons. The presbytery is a higher body. Activities of the church include evangelism, education, agriculture, jail, community development and theological education.[3] The head office is located in Gujranwala.

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