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The United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey, Inc. (or URHS of NJ) is a non profit educational organization directed at supporting the preservation of New Jersey's historical railroad equipment and artifacts for the proposed New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center or in its absence, another railroad museum in New Jersey.

In order to coordinate resources, representatives from most of New Jersey's major railroad-interest organizations formed the URHS of NJ in 1987. URHS of NJ has been working toward rescuing potential items from scrapping and has been assisting in searching for the location of The New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center. The URHS of NJ expects to play a major role in its design, content and operation.

United Railroad Historical Society of NJ Inc. 104 Morris Avenue Boonton, NJ 07005-1314

URHS of NJ Member Organizations[edit]

The URHS board of directors is composed of representatives of 15 member groups. The purpose of this is to assure all participate equally in the decision making and activities and will be representative of all of the local railroad history community. Individuals may join any member organization or The Friends of the New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center [1] to participate in URHS efforts. The URHS comprises the following 15 member groups:

Preservation activities[edit]

A large part of the URHS collection was moved from the Lebanon and Ridgefield Park NJ storage locations to Boonton in 2010. With that accomplished the ability to do cosmetic restoration was greatly enhanced. However, as of 2016, most of the equipment moved to the Boonton facility remains unrestored with no target date set for restoration.


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