Unitary Socialist Party (Italy, 1949)

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Unitary Socialist Party
Partito Socialista Unitario
Leader Giuseppe Romita
Founded December 7, 1949 (1949-12-07)
Dissolved May 1, 1951 (1951-05-01)
Split from Italian Socialist Party
Merged into Italian Democratic Socialist Party
Ideology Social democracy
Political position Centre-left

The Unitary Socialist Party (Italian: Partito Socialista Unitario) was a social-democratic political party in Italy existing from 1949 to 1951.

The party was founded by some moderate members of the Italian Socialist Party, which had unsuccessfully asked for a collaboration of their former party with the Italian Christian Democracy, and some leftist members of the Italian Socialist Workers' Party. The party was led by a former Minister of Interior, Giuseppe Romita.

On 1 May 1951, the party fused with the Italian Socialist Workers' Party, previously founded by the reformist wing of the Italian Socialist Party in 1947 and led by Giuseppe Saragat, to give birth to the Italian Democratic Socialist Party (PSDI).