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The United Socialist Party (TUSP) was a British political organisation formed in 2004.[1]

The party was formed in Liverpool by a number of former Liverpool Dockers who had been active in the strike of 1995-1997. Other leftist groups such as the Revolutionary Democratic Group, WIRFI and International Socialist League[2] became involved and the party experienced ideological and organisational conflicts - as the Socialist Labour Party had before it - between those seeking a more left wing version of the Labour Party and those aiming to found a multi-tendency revolutionary party.

TUSP stood in local elections between 2006 and 2008, retaining no deposits.[3] Their website contains no new content since 2009 and the organisation appears to be moribund. To some extent its role was taken by the similarly-named TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) which emerged from the Campaign for a New Workers' Party with which TUSP had been involved.[4]



  • Unite
  • Socialist Studies (2006–)


  • Unite the Struggles! An Introduction to The United Socialist Party (2005)

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