United States Australian Football League

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United States Australian Football League
USAFL logo.png
Sport Australian rules football
Founded 1996
Inaugural season 1997[1][2]
No. of teams 37 (men's) and 13 (women's)[1]
Country USA
Most recent champion(s) New York Magpies
(2nd premiership)
Most titles Denver Bulldogs
(8 premierships)
Official website www.usafl.com

The United States Australian Football League (USAFL) is a governing body for Australian rules football in the United States. It was conceived in 1996 and organized in 1997. It is based in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

In 2011, there were 10,000 registered players.[2] There are 37 men's teams and 13 women's teams.[1]


The first match between two local US clubs was played in 1996 between Cincinnati and Louisville.[3] In the first year the Mid American Australian Football League was formed. Many of the local players had found out about the game in the 1980s on television and ESPN. Although the local game grew, ESPN no longer broadcast AFL matches, and in response the lobby group, AFANA was formed.

In 1997, the first club national championships were held in Cincinnati. Nashville hosted the first Australian Grand Final Festival in the same year. The United States Australian Football League (USAFL) was formed in 1997 to govern the code in the country.

The involvement of many well-known Australians has helped boost the relations between the USAFL and AFL. In the early days, Paul Roos was a key figure.

Robert DiPierdomenico, Leigh Matthews and Michael Voss are official USAFL ambassadors.

National teams[edit]

USAFL is responsible for the co-ordination of the National Teams, the USA Revolution men's team and the USA Freedom women's team. The team plays in international tournaments and exhibition matches against other countries. National team players are selected from the best US-born players from the club teams across the country.

With close proximity to Canada, the Revolution & Freedom participate in the annual 49th Parallel Cup against Canada each year except for years of the International Cup in Australia.

The Revolution competed in the 2002 Australian Football International Cup, finishing 5th out of 11 countries and in the 2005 Australian Football International Cup finishing 3rd out of 10 countries. They competed in the 2008 Australian Football International Cup where the Revolution finished 7th out of 16 countries. At the 2011 Australian Football International Cup, the Revolution finished 4th in an increased field of 18 countries. The Revolution finished 8th at the 2014 Australian Football International Cup, again with 18 countries participating.

Domestic tournaments and competitions[edit]

List of USAFL National Championship Premiers[edit]

Teams Premiers Runner Up Total Year(s) won Year(s) lost
Denver Bulldogs 8 2 10 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 2006, 2010
San Diego Lions 2 3 5 2001, 2006 2000, 2002, 2007
Boston Demons 2 2 4 1998, 1999 2001, 2003
New York Magpies 2 2 4 2010, 2014 2004, 2012
Cincinnati Dockers 1 0 1 1997
Vancouver Cougars 1 0 1 2008
Austin Crows 1 0 1 2013

USAFL clubs and representative sides[edit]

Club City USAFL League Metro League Founded Official website
Arizona Hawks Phoenix, Arizona USAFL Western Regionals Arizona Australian Football League 1999 Official Site
Atlanta Kookaburras Atlanta, Georgia Mid American AFL Atlanta Australian Rules Football League 1998 Official Site
Austin Crows Austin, Texas Mid American AFL 2002 Official Site
Baltimore Washington Eagles Baltimore (MD), Washington (DC) Eastern AFL Baltimore Washington Eagles Metro Competition 1998 Official Site
Baton Rouge Tigers Baton Rouge, Louisiana Mid American AFL 2004 Official Site
Boston Demons Boston, Massachusetts Eastern Australian Football League New England Metropolitan Australian Rules Football League 1997 Official Site
Charleston Saints Charleston, South Carolina 2011 Official Site
Chicago Swans Chicago, Illinois Mid American AFL Chicago Australian Football Association 1998 Official Site
Cincinnati Dockers Cincinnati, Ohio Mid American AFL 1996 Official Site
Columbus Jackaroos Columbus, Ohio Mid American AFL Columbus Metro Footy League 2008 Official Site
Dallas Magpies Dallas, Texas Mid American AFL 1998 Official Site
Denver Bulldogs Denver, Colorado USAFL Western Regionals 1998 Official Site
Des Moines Roosters Des Moines, Iowa Mid American AFL 2010 Official Site
Florida Redbacks Tampa Bay, Florida Eastern AFL Florida Metro Footy League 2003 Official Site
Fort Lauderdale Fighting Squids Fort Lauderdale, Florida Eastern AFL 2005 Official Site
Golden Gate Roos San Francisco, California USAFL Western Regionals 1998 Official Site
Houston Lonestars Houston, Texas Mid American AFL 2005 Official Site
Indianapolis Giants Indianapolis, Indiana 2013 Official Site
Kansas City Power Kansas City, Missouri Mid American AFL Kansas City Metro Footy League 1998 Official Site
Las Vegas Gamblers Las Vegas, Nevada USAFL Western Regionals 2005 Official Site
Los Angeles Dragons Los Angeles, California USAFL Western Regionals Southern California Australian Football League 2010 Official Site
Louisville Kings Louisville, Kentucky Mid American AFL 1996 Official Site
Milwaukee Bombers Milwaukee, Wisconsin Mid American AFL Milwaukee Metro Cheddar Cup 1998 Official Site
Minnesota Freeze Minneapolis, Minnesota Mid American AFL 2005 Official Site
Nashville Kangaroos Nashville, Tennessee Mid American AFL Metro Series 1997 Official Site
New York Magpies New York City Eastern AFL New York Metro Footy League 1998 Official Site
North Carolina Tigers Raleigh, North Carolina Eastern AFL North Carolina Metro Footy League 1997 Official Site
Orange County Bombers Orange County, California USAFL Western Regionals Southern California Australian Football League 1998 Official Site
Philadelphia Hawks Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Eastern AFL 1998 Official Site
Portland Steelheads Portland, Oregon North West Pacific Football League Portland Australian Football League 1998 Official Site
Riverside Saints Riverside, California USAFL Western Regionals Southern California Australian Football League 2011 Official Site
Sacramento Suns Sacramento, California USAFL Western Regionals Sac Footy Rec League 2009 Official Site
Saint Louis Blues St. Louis, Missouri Mid American AFL 1997 Official Site
San Diego Lions San Diego, California USAFL Western Regionals San Diego Metro Footy League 1997 Official Site
Seattle Grizzlies Seattle, Washington Eastern AFL Seattle Metro Footy League 1998 Official Site
Tulsa Buffaloes Tulsa, Oklahoma 2010 Official Site

Affiliated leagues[edit]

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