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Historic bicycles at the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame in Davis, California

The United States Bicycling Hall of Fame, located in Davis, California, is a private organization formed to preserve and promote the sport of cycling.


The hall was formerly located in Somerville, New Jersey. The Hall announced in April 2009 that it would move to Davis.[1] The grand opening of the new downtown Davis facility was on April 24, 2010. The hall of fame joined a collection of historic bicycles that were already located in Davis. Davis has an extensive bicycling infrastructure, culture and legacy. It replaced the 3rd and B teens center, which was a slightly controversial move among the teenage population of Davis, but many of its functions, such as dances, were moved to the Veteran's Memorial Center.


The Hall of Fame is located on the top floor of the building and includes the bicycles of Major Taylor and Frank Louis Kramer as well as a championship sash and medals from Frank Kramer.

The main floor of the museum includes topical exhibits. In 2010, there was an exhibit about the Tour of California and a display about Greg LeMond.

The basement includes an extensive display of historic bicycles that includes Draisine and Velocipede models. The display also includes landmark bicycles from the 1950s through the present that illustrate the rapid recent evolution of the bicycle.

Inductees (Year of Induction)[edit]

Veteran Pre-1945 Competitor[edit]

Modern 1945-1975 Competitor[edit]

Modern Post-1975 Competitor[edit]


  • Ted Ernst (2006)
  • Michael Aisner (2005)
  • Pierre Lallement (2005)
  • Bill Woodul (2004)
  • Chris Carmichael (2003)
  • Arthur Greenberg (2002)
  • Fred DeLong (2001)
  • Dr. Paul Dudley White (2000)
  • David Chauner (1998)
  • Mike Fraysse (1998)
  • Jim Ochowicz (1997)
  • Charles E. Pratt (1997)
  • Eddie Borysewicz (1996)
  • Frank Small (1995)
  • Keith Kingbay (1995)
  • Otto Eisele (1994)
  • Ernie Seubert (1994)
  • Fred Mengoni (1994)
  • Barbara George (1994)
  • Mary "Cappy" Capicchioni (1993)
  • Nancy Nelman (1992)
  • Al Toefield (1992)
  • Col. Albert Pope (1991)
  • Robert Rodale (1991)
  • Fred "Cappy" Capicchioni (1991)
  • Mike Walden (1990)[2]
  • Fred "Pop" Kugler (1987)
  • Greg LeMond

Mountain Biking[edit]


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