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Logo of the Joint Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies for 2009

A Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies is a special committee formed every four years to manage presidential inaugurations. A committee has been formed every four years since at least the 1901 inaugurations of President William McKinley and Vice President Theodore Roosevelt.[1]



The members are sitting members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives. Typically, the House members include the Speaker of the House as well as the House majority and minority leaders. The Senate members are drawn from the leadership of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration (previously known by other names). A senator acts as Chairman of the Joint Committee; the chairman is therefore drawn from the party in control of the Senate, which may or may not be the same party as the president-elect's. Membership in the committee gives its members the opportunity to control tickets to the inauguration ceremonies.

2013 inaugural[edit]

2009 website of the U.S. Congress Joint Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies

In March 2012, the Senate passed S.Con.Res. 35, which established the joint committee for the inauguration to be held on January 21, 2013.[2] The committee's chair is Senator Charles Schumer (D-New York), and the current ranking member is Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee).[3]

Its full composition is as follows:[3]

Majority Minority
Senate members
House members

Current and previous committees[edit]

Logo used in 2005

1901 Inaugural of William McKinley (Republican)[edit]

1905 Inaugural of Theodore Roosevelt (Republican)[edit]

1909 Inaugural of William Taft (Republican)[edit]

1913 Inaugural of Woodrow Wilson (Democratic)[edit]

1917 Inaugural of Woodrow Wilson (Democratic)[edit]

1921 Inaugural of Warren Harding (Republican)[edit]

1925 Inaugural of Calvin Coolidge (Republican)[edit]

1929 Inaugural of Herbert Hoover (Republican)[edit]

1933 Inaugural of Franklin Roosevelt (Democratic)[edit]

1937 Inaugural of Franklin Roosevelt (Democratic)[edit]

1941 Inaugural of Franklin Roosevelt (Democratic)[edit]

1945 Inaugural of Franklin Roosevelt (Democratic)[edit]

1949 Inaugural of Harry Truman (Democratic)[edit]

1953 Inaugural of Dwight Eisenhower (Republican)[edit]

1957 Inaugural of Dwight Eisenhower (Republican)[edit]

1961 Inaugural of John F. Kennedy (Democratic)[edit]

1965 Inaugural of Lyndon B. Johnson (Democratic)[edit]

1969 Inaugural of Richard Nixon (Republican)[edit]

1973 Inaugural of Richard Nixon (Republican)[edit]

1977 Inaugural of Jimmy Carter (Democratic)[edit]

1981 Inaugural of Ronald Reagan (Republican)[edit]

1985 Inaugural of Ronald Reagan (Republican)[edit]

1989 Inaugural of George H. W. Bush (Republican)[edit]

1993 Inaugural of William Jefferson Clinton (Democratic)[edit]

1997 Inaugural of William Jefferson Clinton (Democratic)[edit]

2001 Inaugural of George W. Bush (Republican)[edit]

2005 Inaugural of George W. Bush (Republican)[edit]

2009 Inaugural of Barack Obama (Democratic)[edit]

2013 Inaugural of Barack Obama (Democratic)[edit]

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