United States House Committee on Mines and Mining

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The United States House Committee on Mines and Mining is a defunct committee of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Committee on Mines and Mining was created on December 19, 1865, for consideration of subjects relating to mining interests. It exercised jurisdiction over the Geological Survey, the Bureau of Mines, the establishment of mining schools and mining experimental stations, mineral land laws, the welfare of men working in mines, mining debris, relief in cases of mineral contracts connected with the prosecution of war, the mining of radium ore, and the Government's fuel yards in the District of Columbia.

In 1947, the committee was abolished and its duties were transferred to the United States House Committee on Public Lands.


Chair Party State Start of service End of service
William Higby Republican California 1865 1869
Orange Ferriss Republican New York 1869 1871
Henry Waldron Republican Michigan 1871 1873
David Perley Lowe Republican Kansas 1873 1875
Richard P. Bland Democratic Missouri 1875 1877
George M. Beebe Democratic New York 1877 1879
Adlai Stevenson I Democratic Illinois 1879 1881
John Van Voorhis Republican New York 1881 1883
Richard Warner Democratic Tennessee 1883 1885
Martin L. Clardy Democratic Missouri 1885 1887
Charles Triplett O'Ferrall Democratic Virginia 1887 1889
Thomas H. Carter Republican Montana 1889 1891
William H. H. Cowles Democratic North Carolina 1891 1893
Thomas A. E. Weadock Democratic Michigan 1893 1895
David D. Aitken Republican Michigan 1895 1897
Charles H. Grosvenor Republican Ohio 1897 1899
Rousseau Owen Crump Republican Michigan 1899 1901
Frank Eddy Republican Minnesota 1901 1903
Webster E. Brown Republican Wisconsin 1903 1907
George Franklin Huff Republican Pennsylvania 1907 1911
Martin D. Foster Democratic Illinois 1911 1919
Mahlon Morris Garland Republican Pennsylvania 1919 1920
Marion E. Rhodes Republican Missouri 1921 1923
John M. Robsion Republican Kentucky 1923 1930
William H. Sproul Republican Kansas 1930 1931
Joe L. Smith Democratic West Virginia 1931 1945
Andrew Lawrence Somers Democratic New York 1945 1947


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