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United States Judo Association
AffiliationUSA Judo
Regional affiliationUnited States
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United States

The United States Judo Association is a sports association in the United States. It was formed in 1968 following a reorganization of the Armed Forces Judo Association, and is one of three national judo associations in the United States, the other two being USA Judo and the United States Judo Federation.[1]


The US Judo Association was founded by George Harris,[2] George Bass, Robey Reed, Jim Bregman, Philip S. Porter, Rick Mertins, and Karl Geis[3]


In addition to the founding members, leadership of the USJA has included Jim Nichols, Jesse Jones, Mike Szrejter, Jim Webb, AnnMaria De Mars (Ronda Rousey's Mother), Gary Goltz, Marc Cohen, and John Paccione


USJA Junior Judo Rank System
Rank Identification Minimum Age Time-In-Grade Promotion Point
Junior 1st Degree Yellow Belt plus 1st Degree Patch 4 2 Months 4
Junior 2nd Degree Yellow Belt plus 2nd Degree Patch 5 2 Months 5
Junior 3rd Degree Orange Belt plus 3rd Degree Patch 6 2 Months 6
Junior 4th Degree Orange Belt plus 4th Degree Patch 7 2 Months 7
Junior 5th Degree Green Belt plus 5th Degree Patch 8 3 Months 8
Junior 6th Degree Green Belt plus 6th Degree Patch 9 3 Months 9
Junior 7th Degree Blue Belt plus 7th Degree Patch 10 3 Months 10
Junior 8th Degree Blue Belt plus 8th Degree Patch 11 3 Months 11
Junior 9th Degree Purple Belt plus 9th Degree Patch 12 4 Months 12
Junior 10th Degree Purple Belt plus 10th Degree Patch 13 4 Months 13
USJA Senior Judo Rank System
Rank Identification Minimum Time Points
6th Class Rank (Rokkyu) Yellow Belt plus Rokkyu Patch 3 Months 6 Points
5th Class Rank (Gokyu) Orange Belt plus Gokyu Patch 5 Months 9 Points
4th Class Rank (Yonkyu) Green Belt plus Yonkyu Patch 6 Months 12 Points
3rd Class Rank (Sankyu) Brown Belt plus Sankyu Patch 8 Months 16 Points
2nd Class Rank (Nikyu) Brown Belt plus Nikyu Patch 10 Months 20 Points
1st Class Rank (Ikkyu) Brown Belt plus Ikkyu Patch 10 Months 23 Points
1stDegree (Shodan) Black Belt plus Shodan Patch 1 Years 30 Points
2nd Degree (Nidan) Black Belt plus Nidan Patch 3 Years 65 Points
3rdDegree (Sandan) Black Belt plus Sandan Patch 4 Years 130 Points
4th Degree (Yodan) Red and Black Belt plus Yodan Patch 5 Years 210 Points
5th Degree (Godan) Red and Black Belt plus Godan Patch 7 Years 300 Points
6thDegree (Rokudan) Red and White Belt plus Rokudan Patch 8 Years 410 Points
7th Degree (Shichidan) Red and White Belt plus Shichidan Patch 9 Years 550 Points
8th Degree (Hachidan) Red and White Belt plus Hachidan Patch 11 Years 700 Points
9th Degree (Kudan) Red Belt plus Kudan Patch +11 Years +700 points
10th Degree (Judan) Red Belt plus Judan Patch +11 Years +700 points


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