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United States Media Television (USMTV) is a multimedia production company that specializes in television programs such as Today in America with Terry Bradsdhaw, The Art of Living with Marilu Henner[1] and Going Green with Ward Burton. These shows are hosted by such celebrities Terry Bradshaw,[2] Marilu Henner, Fred Thompson, and Ward Burton.

United States Media Television produces original TV shows that offer profiles and information about various topics ranging from green energy to global business practices within a wide variety of industries such as agriculture, biotechnology, and telecommunications. These television shows feature special guests and segments on communities and businesses establishing new trends in the ever-shifting landscape of business and technology. United States Media Television also produces original corporate promotional videos and websites, and offers a variety of production and consulting services related to the industries of advertising, corporate marketing, promotions, educational programming, and Internet Marketing. It is a unique media company because of its fusion of celebrity television shows with current topics in American business and lifestyle trends.

Based in Coral Springs, Florida, in Broward County, the company's various television shows air on major cable networks including ION, Fox Business, and Bloomberg Television.

Produced by Senior Vice President, J. Nicholas Veser.

United States Media Television has won numerous awards for its production values, script writing, show themes, and more. In 2010 USMTV won nine Telly Awards.[3]

United States Media Television programs feature interviews and profiles of major individuals and companies across corporate America.[4]


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