United States National Criterium Championships

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The United States National Criterium Championships are held annually and run by the national governing body, USA Cycling.

The event has formerly been held at venues including Denver, Colorado, Downers Grove, Illinois, and Glencoe, Illinois. The 2015 edition of the race will be hosted by the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Formerly, the event allowed an international field, so the first rider from the United States who crossed the finish line was crowned the "United States National Criterium Champion" gaining the right to wear the national champion's jersey in subsequent criteriums for the following year. As domestic participation has grown in more recent years, the event has been limited to United States citizens so that the winner of the race will also be crowned the national champion.



Year Gold Silver Bronze
1980 David Ware Dale Stetina Davis Phinney
1981 Tom Schuler Dale Stetina Davis Phinney
1982 John Eustice Davis Phinney
1983 John Eustice Leonard Nitz
1988 John Tomac Mike McCarthy
1990 Jim Copeland Taylor Centauri
1991 Greg Oravetz
1992 Mike McCarthy
1993 Mike Engelman
1994 Dave McCook
1995 Frank McCormack
1996 Frank McCormack
1997 Jonas Carney
1998 Chann McRae
1999 Antonio Cruz
2000 Derek Bouchard-Hall
2001 Kirk O'Bee
2002 Kevin Monahan
2003 Kevin Monahan
2004 Jonas Carney
2005 Tyler Farrar
2006 Brad Huff
2007 Shawn Milne Alex Candelario Tony Cruz
2008 Rahsaan Bahati Alex Candelario Mark Hekman
2009 John Murphy Tony Cruz Jake Keough
2010 Daniel Holloway Ken Hanson Alex Candelario
2011 Eric Young Brad Huff Jake Keough
2012 Ken Hanson Brad Huff Bradley White
2013 Eric Young Ken Hanson Jake Keough
2014 John Murphy Brad White Daniel Holloway
2015 Eric Marcotte[1] Tyler Magner Luke Keough
2016 Brad Huff John Murphy Luke Keough
2017 Travis McCabe Eric Young Tyler Magner
2018 Tyler Magner Eric Young Samuel Bassetti
2019 Travis McCabe Eric Young Miguel Byron Jr.


Year Gold Silver Bronze
1980 Pam Deem Betsy Davis Jolanta Goral
1981 Connie Paraskevin Sheila Young-Ochowicz Leslie Moore-Nitz
2002 Tina Pic
2003 Tina Pic
2004 Tina Pic
2005 Tina Pic
2006 Jennifer McRae
2007 Tina Pic Jennifer McRae Anna Lang
2008 Brooke Miller Theresa Cliff-Ryan Jennifer MacRae-Evans
2009 Tina Pic Brooke Miller Shelley Olds
2010 Shelley Olds Erica Allar Lauren Tamayo
2011 Theresa Cliff-Ryan Laura Van Gilder Kelly Benjamin
2012 Theresa Cliff-Ryan Lauren Hall[2] Carmen Small[2]
2013 Alison Powers Amanda Miller Theresa Cliff-Ryan
2014 Coryn Rivera Erica Allar Samantha Schneider
2015 Kendall Ryan[3] Tina Pic Brianna Walle
2016 Lauren Tamayo Elle Anderson Sara Tussey
2017 Erica Allar Lauren Stephens Irena OSSOLA
2018 Leigh Ann Ganzar Kelly Catlin[4] Jennifer Luebke
2019 Emma White Lily Williams Kendall Ryan


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