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The United States National Cyclocross Championships is a four-day competition held annually each winter and is sponsored by USA Cycling. The winners at various levels, including elite, U-23, masters, juniors, and collegiate for men and women, wear the coveted stars and stripes jersey and are crowned United States national cyclo-cross champions.

The National Champion competes in the Stars and Stripes Jersey in the next race season.

Past winners[edit]


Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
2021 Wheaton, Illinois Eric Brunner Gage Hecht Curtis White
2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19
2019 Lakewood, Washington Gage Hecht Curtis White Stephen Hyde
2018 (2018-2019 season) Louisville, Kentucky Stephen Hyde (3) Curtis White Gage Hecht
2018 (2017-2018 season) Reno, Nevada Stephen Hyde (2) Jeremy Powers Kerry Werner
2017 Hartford, Connecticut Stephen Hyde Jamey Driscoll Kerry Werner
2016 Asheville, North Carolina Jeremy Powers (4) Stephen Hyde Logan Owen
2015 Austin, Texas Jeremy Powers (3) Jonathan Page Zach McDonald
2014 Boulder, Colorado Jeremy Powers (2) Ryan Trebon Tim Johnson
2013 Madison, Wisconsin Jonathan Page (4) Zach McDonald Jamey Driscoll
2012 Madison, Wisconsin Jeremy Powers Ryan Trebon Jonathan Page
2010 Bend, Oregon Todd Wells (3) Ryan Trebon Jeremy Powers
2009 Bend, Oregon Tim Johnson (3) Ryan Trebon Jonathan Page
2008 Kansas City, Missouri Ryan Trebon (2) Jamey Driscoll Jonathan Page
2007 Kansas City, Kansas Tim Johnson (2) Jonathan Page Todd Wells
2006 Providence, Rhode Island Ryan Trebon Jonathan Page Tim Johnson
2005 Providence, Rhode Island Todd Wells (2) Ryan Trebon Jonathan Page
2004 Portland, Oregon Jonathan Page (3) Ryan Trebon Todd Wells
2003 Portland, Oregon Jonathan Page (2) Todd Wells Ryan Trebon
2002 Napa, California Jonathan Page Todd Wells Travis Brown
2001 Baltimore, Maryland Todd Wells Tim Johnson Marc Gullickson
2000 Overland Park, Kansas Tim Johnson Mark Gullickson Mark McCormack
1999 San Francisco, California (Presidio) Mark Gullickson Bart Bowen Tim Johnson
1998 Fort Devens, Massachusetts Frank McCormack (2) Steve Larsen Jonathan Page
1997 Lakewood, Colorado Mark McCormack Frank McCormack Dale Knapp[1]
1996 Seattle, Washington Frank McCormack Mark McCormack Jan Wiejak
1995 Leicester, Massachusetts Jan Wiejack (2) Mark McCormack Daryl Price
1994 Seattle, Washington Jan Wiejack Don Myrah Dale Knapp
1993 Sonora, California Don Myrah (4) Pete Webber
1992 Golden, Colorado Mark Howe Don Myrah Steve Tilford
1991 Waltham, Massachusetts Don Myrah (3) Mark McCormack
1990 Bremerton, Washington Don Myrah (2) Larry Hibbard Laurence Malone
1989 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Don Myrah Jan Wiejak Paul Curley
1988 Plymouth, Massachusetts Casey Kunselman Don Myrah
1987 Bremerton, Washington Clark Natwick (4) Don Myrah Paul Curley
1986 Scotts Valley, California Clark Natwick (3)
1985 Nutley, New Jersey Paul Curley Ned Overend
1984 Santa Cruz, California Steve Tilford Roy Knickman Laurence Malone
1983 Plymouth, Massachusetts Steve Tilford Clark Natwick Tim Rutledge
1982 Nutley, New Jersey Roy Knickman Clark Natwick Steve Tilford
1981 Pacifica, California Clark Natwick (1) Myron Lind Joe Ryan
1980 Colorado Springs, Colorado Joe Ryan Mark Jansen Davis Phinney
1979 Eugene, Oregon Laurence Malone (5) Joe Ryan Clark Natwick
1978 Austin, Texas Laurence Malone (4) Clark Natwick John Howard
1977 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Laurence Malone (3) Clark Natwick Joe Ryan
1976 Sunriver, Oregon Laurence Malone (2) Joe Ryan Mark Pringle
1975 Berkeley, California Laurence Malone Dan Nall Joe Ryan
1970-74 NOT HELD
1969[2] Palos Park, Illinois John Howard Herman Kron Leroy "Tyger" Johnson
1968 Florissant, Missouri Mike Carnahan
1967 Florissant, Missouri Leroy "Tyger" Johnson (3)
1966[3] Palos Park, Illinois Leroy "Tyger" Johnson (2) Herman Kron John Hood, Jr
1965[4] Palos Park, Illinois Herman Kron (2) Bert Kron John Hood Sr
1964 Palos Park, Illinois Herman Kron Leroy "Tyger" Johnson Bert Kron
1963 Palos Park, Illinois Leroy "Tyger" Johnson Herman Kron


Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
2021 Wheaton, Illinois Clara Honsinger (2) Raylyn Nuss Sunny Gilbert
2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19
2019 Lakewood, Washington Clara Honsinger Rebecca Fahringer Katie Compton
2018 (2018-2019 season) Louisville, Kentucky Katie Compton (15) Sunny Gilbert Ellen Noble
2018 (2017-2018 season) Reno, Nevada Katie Compton (14) Ellen Noble Kaitlin Keough
2017 Hartford, Connecticut Katie Compton (13) Amanda Miller Kaitlin Antonneau
2016 Asheville, North Carolina Katie Compton (12) Georgia Gould Kaitlin Antonneau
2015 Austin, Texas Katie Compton (11) Kaitlin Antonneau Rachel Lloyd
2014 Boulder, Colorado Katie Compton (10) Elle Anderson Meredith Miller
2013 Madison, Wisconsin Katie Compton (9)[5] Jade Wilcoxson Nicole Duke
2012 Madison, Wisconsin Katie Compton (8) Kaitlin Antonneau Nicole Duke
2010 Bend, Oregon Katie Compton (7) Georgia Gould Meredith Miller
2009 Bend, Oregon Katie Compton (6) Meredith Miller Amy Dombroski
2008 Kansas City, Missouri Katie Compton (5) Georgia Gould Rachel Lloyd
2007 Kansas City, Kansas Katie Compton (4) Rachel Lloyd Georgia Gould
2006 Providence, Rhode Island Katie Compton (3) Georgia Gould Kerry Barnholt
2005 Providence, Rhode Island Katie Compton (2) Ann Knapp Maureen Bruno Roy
2004 Portland, Oregon Katie Compton Gina Hall Ann Knapp
2003 Portland, Oregon Alison Dunlap (6) Rachel Lloyd Gina Hall
2002 Napa, California Ann Grande Rachel Lloyd Gina Hall
2001 Baltimore, Maryland Alison Dunlap (5) Carmen D’Aluisio Rachel Lloyd[6]
2000 Overland Park, Kansas Alison Dunlap (4) Ann Grande Rachel Lloyd
1999 San Francisco, California (Presidio) Alison Dunlap (3) Ann Grande Shari Kain
1998 Fort Devens, Massachusetts Alison Dunlap (2) Ann Grande Carmen Richardson
1997 Lakewood, Colorado Alison Dunlap Miranda Briggs Ruthie Matthes
1996 Seattle, Washington Shari Kain (2) Jan Bolland Alison Dunlap
1995 Leicester, Massachusetts Jan Bolland Shari Kain Laurie Brandt[7]
1994 Seattle, Washington Shari Kain
1993 Sonora, California Lisa Muhich (2)
1992 Golden, Colorado Lisa Muhich Nancy Reynolds Kathy Riggert
1991 Waltham, Massachusetts Kathy Riggert
1990 Bremerton, Washington Elizabeth Muhich (3) Dina DiSantis
1989 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elizabeth Muhich (2) Dina DiSantis
1988 Plymouth, Massachusetts Elizabeth Muhich
1987 Silverdale, Washington Elizabeth Chapman (2) Dina DiSantis
1986 Scotts Valley, California Elizabeth Chapman
1978-85 NOT HELD
1977 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Joyce Sulanke Debra Schadewaldt Joan Johnson
1976 Sunriver, Oregon Mary Ann Allan (2) Carolyn Peterson Joyce Sulanke
1975 Berkeley, California Mary Ann Allan Linda Searl Clara Teyssier


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