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The United States Olympic Team Trials in Swimming are held before every Summer Olympic Games to select the participants for the US Olympic Swimming Team. The event is overseen by the United States Olympic Committee and run/operated by USA Swimming.

The first Olympic Trials was held in 1920 in Alameda, California[1] to select swimmers for the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium. The men's and women's trials have been held separately six times.[2]


Year Location Dates Notes
1920 Alameda, California (Western)
Manhattan Beach, New York (women's final)
Chicago, Illinois (men's final)
western: June 26–27
final (women): July 10
final (men): July 10–11
1924 Indianapolis, Indiana
1928 Iowa City, Iowa (Midwestern tryouts)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (NCAA tryouts)
Detroit, Michigan (men's Final tryouts)
Rockaway Playland Pool (women's Final tryouts)
Midwest: February 10–11
NCAA: March 30–31
1932 Cincinnati, Ohio (men's)
Long Island, New York (women's)
men: July 13–16
women: July 15–16
1936 Providence, Rhode Island (men's)
Astoria, New York (women's)
men: July 10–12
women: July 11–12
1948 Detroit, Michigan July 8–11
1952 Astoria Park, Astoria, New York (men's)
Indianapolis, Indiana (women's)
July 4–6
1956 Detroit, Michigan August 7–10
1960 Detroit, Michigan August 2–5
1964 Astoria, New York August 29–September 3
1968 Long Beach, California (men's)
Los Angeles, California (women's)
men: August 30–September 3
women: August 24–28
1972 Portage Park, Chicago, Illinois August 2–6
1976 Long Beach, California June 16–21
1980 Irvine, California July 29–August 2 Olympic Trials cancelled due to the 1980 Summer Olympics boycott
Event rescheduled for after the actual Olympic competition[3]
1984 Indianapolis, Indiana June 25–30
1988 Austin, Texas August 8–13
1992 Indianapolis, Indiana[4] March 1–7 US Spring Nationals
1996 Indianapolis, Indiana March 6–12[5]
2000 Indianapolis, Indiana August 9–16[6]
2004 Long Beach, California[1] July 7–14
2008 Omaha, Nebraska June 29–July 6 winners considered national champions
2012 Omaha, Nebraska June 25–July 2[7]
2016 Omaha, Nebraska June 26–July 3[8]
2020 Omaha, Nebraska June 21–June 28

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