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Skydive at Chambersburg

The United States Parachute Association (USPA) is a self-governing body for the sport of skydiving. Its headquarters are located in Fredericksburg, Virginia parallel to I-95. The USPA's roots go back to the National Parachute Riggers-Jumpers, Inc., which formed in the 1930s.


USPA issues sport skydiving licenses and longevity/skill/achievement awards, publishes and maintains skydiving training manuals and course guidelines from which instructional ratings are issued, serves as legal advocate & political lobbyist for skydiving, provides third-party insurance for skydivers, maintains the Basic Safety Requirements (BSR's) as a set of voluntarily followed safety guidelines, coordinates skydiving competitions and awards, and publishes Parachutist, a monthly magazine for members.

The National Skydiving Museum is planned to be built next door to the USPA facility.[1]

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