United States Range

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United States Range
Highest point
Peak Mount Eugene
Elevation 1,860 m (6,100 ft)
Coordinates 82°24′18.0″N 66°38′39.1″W / 82.405000°N 66.644194°W / 82.405000; -66.644194
Country Canada
State/Province Nunavut
Range coordinates 82°25′N 68°0′W / 82.417°N 68.000°W / 82.417; -68.000Coordinates: 82°25′N 68°0′W / 82.417°N 68.000°W / 82.417; -68.000
Parent range Innuitian Mountains
Orogeny Innuitian
Age of rock Mesozoic

The United States Range is one of the most northern mountain ranges[1] in the world and of the Arctic Cordillera and is surpassed only by the Challenger Mountains to the northwest.[2] The range is located on the northeastern region of Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, Canada and is part of the Innuitian Mountains. The highest mountain in the range is Mount Eugene (1,850 m). The British Empire Range is immediately to the west of the United States Range.

The range was named in 1861 by American explorer Isaac Israel Hayes after his ship.

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