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According to the official website, "the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee is dedicated to fostering dialogue between Senate Democrats and community leaders from across the nation. Each year, the Steering Committee hosts several meetings with advocates, policy experts, and elected officials to discuss key priorities and enlist their help in the development of the Democratic agenda in the Senate. We are committed to serving as a liaison between Senate Democratic offices and advocacy groups and intergovernmental organizations."

Members (in the 114th United States Congress)[edit]

Senator State
  Amy Klobuchar, Chairman Minnesota
  Jeanne Shaheen, Vice Chair New Hampshire
  Harry Reid Nevada
  Richard Durbin Illinois
  Patrick Leahy Vermont
  Barbara Boxer California
  Kirsten Gillibrand New York
  Chris Coons, Chair of Business Outreach Deleware
  Bill Nelson Florida
  Bob Casey, Jr. Pennsylvania
  Jon Tester Montana
  Brian Schatz Hawai'i
  Tammy Baldwin Wisconsin
  Chris Murphy Connecticut
  Bob Menendez, Chair of Hispanic Task Force New Jersey


Chairmanships and Joe Lieberman[edit]

One function of the Steering Committee is to propose chairmanships and committee assignments for ratification by the entire Democratic caucus.[1] Following Senator Joe Lieberman's endorsement of John McCain for President in 2008, the committee considered stripping him of his Chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, but ultimately decided against it.[1]


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