United States Senate election in Minnesota, 1990

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United States Senate election in Minnesota, 1990
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November 6, 1990 → 1996

  Paul Wellstone, official Senate photo portrait.jpg RudyBoschwitz.jpg
Nominee Paul Wellstone Rudy Boschwitz
Party DFL Independent-Republican
Popular vote 911,999 864,375
Percentage 50.49% 47.86%

U.S. Senator before election

Rudy Boschwitz

Elected U.S. Senator

Paul Wellstone

The 1990 United States Senate election in Minnesota was held on November 6, 1990. Incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Rudy Boschwitz was defeated by Democratic challenger Paul Wellstone in a tight race. Wellstone gained national attention after his upset victory. Widely considered an underdog and outspent by a 7-to-1 margin, he was the only candidate to defeat an incumbent senator in the 1990 election cycle.

Major Candidates[edit]


Paul Wellstone, 1982 Democratic State Auditor Nominee


Rudy Boschwitz, Incumbent U.S. Senator since 1978


General election results[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Paul Wellstone 911,999 50.49%
Republican Rudy Boschwitz 864,375 47.86%
Grassroots Russell B. Bentley 29,820 1.65%