United States Senate election in Mississippi, 1978

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United States Senate election in Mississippi, 1978
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  Thad Cochran 1977 Congressional photo.jpg
Nominee Thad Cochran Maurice Dantin Charles Evers
Party Republican Democratic Independent
Popular vote 267,302 187,541 133,646
Percentage 45.3% 31.8% 22.6%

Senator before election

James Eastland

Elected Senator

Thad Cochran

The 1978 United States Senate election in Mississippi was held on November 5, 1978. Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator James Eastland decided to retire. Republican Thad Cochran won the open seat.

Major candidates[edit]


  • Maurice Dantin, former District Attorney[1]




Evers was the first African American elected since the Reconstruction era to be mayor in any Mississippi city in 1969. He ran as an independent, and as a result his campaign divided the Democrats and allowed Cochran to win the senate seat with a 45 percent plurality.[2] This made him the first Republican to win a statewide election in Mississippi in a century.[3] Eastland resigned on December 27, 1978 to give Cochran a seniority advantage over new incoming senators.[4]


Mississippi U.S. Senate Election, 1978[5]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Thad Cochran 267,302 45.3%
Democratic Maurice Dantin 187,541 31.8%
Independent Charles Evers 133,646 22.6%
Independent Henry Jay Kirksey 1,747 0.3%


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