United States Senate elections, 1874

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United States Senate elections, 1874
United States
1872 ←
November 1874 → 1876

? seats in the United States Senate
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Party Republican Democratic Independent Republican
Last election 47 seats 19 seats Steady
Seats won 46 28 1
Seat change Decrease 1 Increase 9 Increase 1

  Fourth party
Party Liberal Republican
Last election 7 seats
Seats won Steady
Seat change Decrease 7

Majority Party before election

Republican Party

Elected Majority Party

Republican Party

The United States Senate election of 1874 was an election which had the Democratic Party gain nine seats in the United States Senate. However, most of the gains were made by the Democrats taking seats from the Liberal Republicans, while the core Republican Party (the party of incumbent President Ulysses S. Grant) lost only one seat. Thus, this was the smallest loss by a President's party in the Senate as a result of the Six-year itch.

As this election was prior to ratification of the seventeenth amendment, Senators were chosen by State legislatures.


Senate Party Division, 44th Congress (1875–1877)

  • Majority Party: Republican (46)
  • Minority Party: Democratic (28)
  • Other Parties: Independent Republican (1)
  • Vacant: (1)
  • Total Seats: 76

Senate composition before and after elections[edit]

43rd Congress Senate composition   44th Congress Senate composition
Color Key:   = Republican   = Democratic   = Lib. Repub.   = Indp. Repub.   = Vacant

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