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The United States Soccer Federation's State Soccer Associations are the local governing bodies of soccer in the United States. State Soccer Associations exist to govern all aspects of soccer in the United States. They are responsible for administering club and player registration as well as promoting development amongst those bodies and referees .

Most of the State Soccer Associations align roughly along state boundaries, although some of the more populated states have multiple soccer associations broken by geography (i.e. California, New York, and Texas).

The state soccer associations often host their own statewide cups and premier leagues for amateur outfits, often as a mechanism of regional qualification for the U.S. Open Cup competition.

List of state soccer associations[edit]

The following state associations are affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation as the state association.[1]

Association Founded Main State Cup
Alabama Alabama 1980 Alabama Adult State Cup
Alaska Alaska 1995
Arizona Arizona 1966
Arkansas Arkansas 1979
California California North 1902
California California South 1974
Colorado Colorado 1978
Connecticut Connecticut 1913
Delaware Delaware 1974
Florida Florida 1974
Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia 1968
Hawaii Hawaii 1975
Idaho Idaho 1980
Illinois Illinois 1916
Indiana Indiana 1978
Iowa Iowa
Kansas Kansas 1950
Kentucky Kentucky 1982
Louisiana Louisiana 1985
Maine Maine
Maryland Maryland 1924
Massachusetts Massachusetts
Michigan Michigan
Minnesota Minnesota
Mississippi Mississippi
Missouri Missouri
Montana Montana
Nebraska Nebraska
Nevada Nevada
New Hampshire New Hampshire
New Jersey New Jersey
New Mexico New Mexico
New York (state) Eastern New York
New York (state) Western New York
North Carolina North Carolina
North Dakota North Dakota
Ohio Northern Ohio
Ohio Southern Ohio
Oklahoma Oklahoma
Oregon Oregon
Pennsylvania Eastern Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Western Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Rhode Island
South Carolina South Carolina
South Dakota South Dakota
Tennessee Tennessee
Texas Northern Texas
Texas Southern Texas
Utah Utah
Vermont Vermont
Virginia Virginia 1977
Washington (state) Washington
West Virginia West Virginia
Wisconsin Wisconsin
Wyoming Wyoming

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