United States congressional delegations from the Northern Mariana Islands

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The United States congressional delegations from the Northern Mariana Islands consist of single Delegate elected at-large. The first non-voting delegate to the United States House of Representatives, Gregorio Sablan, was elected in 2008 and took office in 2009.

Resident Representative[edit]

From 1978 to 2009, in accordance with the Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Constitution, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands elected a Resident Representative who had no actual privileges in the House or Senate. They served two year terms until 1990, when the terms were increased to four years.

Resident Representative Party Years
Edward Pangelinan Democratic 1978–1983
Republican 1983–1984
Froilan Tenorio Democratic 1984–1990
Juan Babauta Republican 1990–2002
Pedro Agulto Tenorio Republican 2002–2009

Non-voting Delegate[edit]

In 2008, with the passage of the Consolidated Natural Resources Act of 2008 by the United States Government the Resident Representative was replaced by a non-voting Delegate. Below are tables of non-voting delegates to the United States House of Representatives from the Northern Mariana Islands.

Congress Delegate Party
111th (2009–2011) Gregorio Sablan Democratic[1]
112th (2011–2013)
113th (2013–2015)
114th (2015–2017)
115th (2017–2019)
116th (2019–2021)


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  2. ^ Has run for re-election as an Independent since 2014, but has continued to caucus with the Democrats