United States gubernatorial elections, 1975

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United States Gubernatorial elections, 1975
United States
← 1974 November 1, 1975 (Louisiana)
November 4, 1975 (Kentucky and Mississippi)
1976 →

4 governorships
3 states; 1 territory
  Majority party Minority party
Party Democratic Republican
Last election 36 governorships 13 governorships
Seats before 36 13
Seats after 36 13
Seat change ±0 ±0

1987 Gubernatorial election map.svg
  Democratic holds

United States gubernatorial elections were held in three states and one territory, on November 1, 1975 in Louisiana, and three days later in Kentucky and Mississippi. No governorships changed hands in these elections, as all three southern states remained under Democratic control.

This was the first gubernatorial election in Louisiana's history which was conducted under the Nonpartisan blanket primary (a.k.a. Jungle Primary) format.

Election results[edit]

A bolded state name features an article about the specific election.

State Incumbent Party Status Opposing Candidates
Kentucky[1] Julian Carroll Democratic Elected to full term, 62.84% Bob Gable (Republican) 37.16%
Louisiana Edwin Edwards Democratic Re-elected, 62.35% Robert G. Jones (Democratic) 24.29%
Wade O. Martin, Jr. (Democratic) 12.17%
Ken Lewis (Democratic) 0.44%
Mississippi[2] Bill Waller Democratic Term-limited, Democratic victory Cliff Finch (Democratic) 52.19%
Gil Carmichael (Republican) 45.14%
Henry Kirksey (Independent) 2.67%