United States gubernatorial elections, 1984

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United States Gubernatorial elections, 1984
United States
1983 ←
November 6, 1984 → 1985

Governorships of AR, DE, IN, MO, MT, NH, NC, ND, RI, UT, VT, WA, WV, AS, PR
  Majority party Minority party
Party Democratic Republican
Last election 35 governorships 15 governorships
Seats before 35 15
Seats after 34 16
Seat change Decrease1 Increase1

1984 Gubernatorial election map.svg

  Republican holds
  Republican pickups
  Democratic holds
  Democratic pickups

The United States gubernatorial elections of 1984 were held on November 6, 1984 in thirteen states. The Republican party had a net gain of one seat in this election which coincided with the re-election of Ronald Reagan.

This was the last year in which Arkansas held a gubernatorial election on the same year as the presidential election. The length of gubernatorial terms for Arkansas' governor would be extended from two-years to four years with elections taking place in Midterm election years following the passage of the Sixty-third Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution.[1]

Election results[edit]

State Incumbent Party Status Opposing Candidates
Arkansas Bill Clinton Democratic Re-elected, 62.5% Elwood A."Woody" Freeman (Republican) 37.4%
Delaware Pierre S. du Pont, IV Republican Term-limited, Republican victory Michael N. Castle (Republican) 55.0%
William J. Quillen (Democratic) 45.0%
Indiana Robert D. Orr Republican Re-elected, 52.16% Wayne Townsend (Democratic) 47.18%
Rockland Snyder (American) 0.34%
James A. Ridenour (Libertarian) 0.32%
Missouri Kit Bond Republican Retired, Republican victory John Ashcroft (Republican) 56.7%
Ken Rothman (Democratic) 43.3%
Montana Ted Schwinden Democratic Re-elected, 70.3% Pat M. Goodover (Republican) 26.4%
Larry Dodge (Libertarian) 3.3%
New Hampshire John H. Sununu Republican Re-elected, 66.8% Chris Spirou (Democratic) 33.1%
North Carolina Jim Hunt Democratic Term-limited, Republican victory James G. Martin (Republican) 54.3%
Rufus L. Edmisten (Democratic) 45.4%
North Dakota Allen I. Olson Republican Defeated, 44.7% George Sinner (Democratic) 55.3%
Rhode Island John Garrahy Democratic Retired, Republican victory Edward D. DiPrete (Republican) 60.0%
Anthony J. Solomon (Democratic) 40.0%
Utah Scott M. Matheson Democratic Retired, Republican victory Norman H. Bangerter (Republican) 55.9%
Wayne Owens (Democratic) 43.8%
Vermont Richard A. Snelling Republican Retired, Democratic victory Madeleine M. Kunin (Democratic) 50.0%
John J. Easton, Jr. (Republican) 48.5%
William E. Wicker (Libertarian) 0.8%
Washington John Spellman Republican Defeated, 46.7% Booth Gardner (Democratic) 53.3%
West Virginia Jay Rockefeller Democratic Term-limited, Republican victory Arch A. Moore, Jr. (Republican) 53.3%
Clyde M. See, Jr. (Democratic) 46.7%


  1. ^ AR Const. amendment 63