United States gubernatorial elections, 2001

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United States gubernatorial elections, 2001
United States
2000 ←
November 6, 2001 → 2002

Governorships of NJ, NMI, and VA
  Majority party Minority party
Party Republican Democratic
Last election 29 governorships 19 governorships
Seats before 29 19
Seats after 27 21
Seat change Decrease2 Increase2
This is a summary. See the complete results below.

2001 Gubernatorial election map.svg

  Democratic pickups

The U.S. gubernatorial elections of 2001 were held on November 6, 2001. Two states voted to select a governor, as well as other statewide offices and members of state legislatures.

Election results[edit]

State Incumbent Party Status Opposing Candidates
New Jersey Donald DiFrancesco Republican Not running for governor, Democratic victory Jim McGreevey (Democratic) 56.4%
Bret Schundler (Republican) 41.7%
Bill Schluter (Independent) 1.1%
Jerry L. Coleman (Green) 0.3%
Mark Edgerton (Libertarian) 0.2%
Northern Mariana Islands[1] Pedro Tenorio Republican Retired, Republican victory Juan N. Babauta (Republican) 44.61%
Benigno Fitial (Covenant) 25.45%
Jesus C. Borja (Democratic) 18.18%
Froilan Tenorio (Reform) 11.75%
Virginia Jim Gilmore Republican Term-Limited, Democratic victory Mark Warner (Democratic) 52.2%
Mark Earley (Republican) 47%
Bill Redpath (Libertarian) 0.8%