United States national wheelchair rugby team

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United States United States USA
IWRF Ranking 3rd
IWRF Zone IWRF Americas
National Federation USQRA
Coach United States James Gumbert
Paralympic Games
Appearances 4

Gold medal.svg Gold: 2000,

Silver medal.svg Silver : 2016
Bronze medal.svg Bronze: 2004, 2012
World Championships
Appearances 6

Gold medal with cup.svg Gold: 1995, 1998, 2006, 2010
Silver medal.svg Silver: 2002

Bronze medal.svg Bronze: 2014
IWRF Americas Championship
Appearances 1
Medals Gold medal with cup.svg Gold: 2009
Kit body thinsidesonwhite.png
Home jersey
Kit shorts blanksides2.png
Team colours
Kit body thinredsides.png
Away jersey
Kit shorts redsides.png
Team colours
The USA players at the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing.
2013 Wheelchair Rugby Tri-Nation series - Australia v United States in Sydney.

The United States national wheelchair rugby team represents the United States in international wheelchair rugby. The USA is the most successful team in international competition, winning medals in all four Paralympic tournaments it has entered, coming away with two golds.[1]

2000 Paralympics (Sydney)[edit]

2004 Paralympics (Athens)[edit]

A 2005 Academy-award nominated documentary film called Murderball, centers on the rivalry between the Canadian and U.S. teams leading up to the 2004 Paralympic Games. It was directed by Henry Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro, and produced by Jeffrey Mandel and Shapiro.

2008 Paralympics (Beijing)[edit]

2012 Paralympics (London)[edit]

The USA has clinched a berth in the 2012 Paralympics in London by virtue of its World Championship in Vancouver.[2][3]


(Roster for the 2011 IWRF Americas Championship)[4][5][6][7][8][9]

# Class Name Year Born Team
0.5 Travis Anderson United States Tucson Pterodactyls
5 3.0 Chuck Aoki 1991 United States Tucson Pterodactyls
0.5 Clayton Braun United States St. Louis Rugby Rams
11 2.0 Andy Cohn 1978 United States Sharp Edge
12 1.5 Chad Cohn United States Tucson Pterodactyls
14 2.0 Joe Delagrave United States Phoenix Heat
10 2.0 Will Groulx 1974 United States Portland Pounders
13 2.0 Derrick Helton United States Tucson Pterodactyls
8 1.0 Scott Hogsett 1972 United States Phoenix Heat
2 2.0 Seth McBride 1983 United States Portland Pounders
3.0 Delvin McMillan United States Lakeshore Demolition
3.0 Jeff Odom United States Texas Stampede
7 0.5 Jason Reiger 1975 United States Denver Harlequins
4 1.5 Adam Scaturo United States Denver Harlequins
9 2.0 Nick Springer 1985 United States Phoenix Heat
2.5 Josh Wheeler United States Utah Scorpions

Competitive record[edit]

Past Rosters[edit]

  • 2008 Paralympic Games: finished 1st among 8 teams

Jason Regier, Scott Hogsett, Norm Lyduch, Andy Cohn, Will Groulx, Bryan Kirkland, Seth McBride, Nick Springer, Chance Sumner, Mark Zupan, Joel Wilmoth, (Coach: James Gumbert, Assistant Coaches: Ed Suhr)

  • 2010 World Championship: finished 1st among 12 teams

Chuck Aoki, Andy Cohn, Chad Cohn, Will Groulx, Derrick Helton, Scott Hogsett, Joe Delagrave, Seth McBride, Jason Regier, Adam Scaturro, Nick Springer, Chance Sumner, (Coach: James Gumbert)


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